Technical support via remote control of your computer


If you are struggling with your computer or website and need help with anything PC or email related, we can offer remote support services. We use a program called 'Team Viewer' to access your computer securely and can talk you though any changes that need to be made. You need to install a small program on your computer (click on one of the icons below to install Team Viewer) then call or text 07881 223 234 with your Remote User ID and password. You decide when your computer is accessed - without the Passcode no-one can take control of your computer.

For Windows PC

Download TeamViewer

For Mac

Download TeamViewer

Remote PC support can often fix minor problems with your Mac or Windows settings and if you need assistance using any programs, a step by step approach will be taken to help you learn how to overcome any issues you may be having.

Support services are charged at £40 per hour, unless included in your website hosting support package.

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