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We offer website and graphic design (e.g. logos), image manipulation & search engine optimisation. Website statistics can be provided to show how many users visit your sites and which pages are most popular.

Website Design

Website Design

Choose from a selection of templates then we can tailor the website to fit your needs. You can change the colour scheme, add your own wording, logos, photos, maps etc. Either email or post your photos and images and other details so we can make a start straight away.


This is the name given to your website (usually starting with www...) that allows it to be found on the "world wide web" (internet). No two websites can use the same domain name. However, because part of the domain name ends with a common extension (.com,, .net,, etc.), two similar websites can exist - for example, could be a completely different website to

Website domain names can be created based on any name or phrase, but it is usually best to find a domain name that is unique to your business, or perhaps use your own name (e.g. or Sometimes, it is worth having part of your domain name include a keyword (something that is entered into search engines by people looking for a website). We can suggest suitable domain names if you can not decide on one. Request a domain name when you place your order and this will be registered on your behalf (if it is available).


Your website code is hosted on a Windows or Linux server (computer) and provides all the space you need for your website. Email mailboxes can be created (100 MB for no additional cost, or 1 GB for an additional annual fee).


Additional features can be incorporated into your website, e.g. password protection for areas of the website (e.g. for members of an association). Website statistics can be set up using the free tools provided by Google - these can show how often your website pages are accessed and how many new visitors you receive.

"Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's "natural" or un-paid ("organic") search results. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine's users." [Wikipedia]

Do I need SEO?

As long as your website has plenty of relevant content it can be optimised to help people find you through search engines such as Google. It can take a few months before the search engine places your website on the first page of the results and your website ranking/position cannot be guaranteed. We can discuss what SEO options to take if your site is not placed as highly as you expect.

Graphic Design

Submit your request by email or post with any specific information you need incorporating into your graphic or logo - e.g. colour, design, wording, images. All graphic design work is costed against the time taken to complete the work (at £40 per hour, with a minimum charge of £20).

Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Placing an order

SEND AN EMAIL with details of the work you would like undertaken.

AGREE PRICE FOR WORK - once we have agreed what your website will look like a price for the work will be agreed. A deposit (50% of the cost) is paid in advance and the remaining 50% is paid on completion of your website (when you are happy that everything has been completed to your satisfaction). A refund of the deposit will only be offered if no work has been carried out on your behalf. Direct costs incurred for domain registration or hosting would not be refunded.

SEND MATERIAL FOR YOUR WEBSITE TO RBWD (UK) - either post or email the relevant material for your website (images, logos, wording, contact details etc.). A temporary website will be created so you can provide feedback and make any necessary changes before your site becomes available to the public. An estimated time for completion will be provided so you know when to expect your website to ‘go live’. If you need an email address to go with your domain (e.g. - either forwarding to your current email mailbox or to a new, separate mailbox, please ask.

WEBSITE MAINTENANCE - if you need any changes made to your website, SEND AN EMAIL and these will be incorporated (at an agreed hourly rate). Allow up to 5 working days for changes to appear on your site.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. You agree to pay the annual renewal costs until terminating your website (if you decide you no longer wish to keep your website or domain, you must give at least 10 weeks written (or email) notice to prevent automatic renewal).

  2. Design - RBWD (UK) is not responsible for copyright infringement relating to images you have submitted. You may need to provide proof of ownership or license details for photographs you want adding to your website.

  3. Hosting - RBWD (UK) can not guarantee your website will be live 100% of the time as occasionally there will be server interruptions or upgrades to the system. Every effort to keep interruptions to a minimum will be made.

  4. Compatibility - RBWD (UK) will ensure that any developed website works as intended on Safari, Chrome and (Mozilla) Firefox browser software. Any issues that occur with other browser software will be addressed but full functionality may not be achievable.

  5. Liabilities - you will not hold RBWD (UK) accountable for any losses incurred in the event that your website is not completed on time, or hosting or an email mailbox or email forwarder becomes unavailable for any period of time.

  6. Ownership - you will be granted usage rights to any original source code included on your website (which has not been derived from other authors) and may at any time request access to all source files via FTP, as part of terminating your contract with RBWD (UK). Access to database content will be granted where possible. Use of 3rd party source code may be subject to restrictions.

  7. Search Engine Optimisation - RBWD (UK) will submit your website to the most popular UK search engine ( on 09/May/19) but you remain responsible for your search engine ranking (as it relies on your website content). Optimising your website to rank highly in search engine results will be performed, but RBWD (UK) offers no guarantee of placement/position of your website in any such results.

  8. Termination - if you wish to cancel your order before completion you may forfeit any deposit paid in advance. Cancellation of services will incur no further renewal charges providing you give at least 10 weeks notice before the renewal is due.

  9. Late payment - if you fail to pay any amounts owing to RBWD (UK) within 56 days of an invoice, your website service(s) will be terminated. A reinstatement fee of £100 would apply should you wish to restart using the service(s).

You can download the terms and conditions here.

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